What’s an Author Page?

Have you had the chance to explore the Author Page on services like Amazon, Audible, Google, Goodreads, and Kindle books? This is where you can claim your Author Page that
functions as a personalized showcase page.

Once you've claimed your Author Page, you can establish a comprehensive online presence by sharing the latest information about yourself and your books with a global audience that includes millions of readers, listeners, and fans.

Before digital Author Pages existed, the tradition Author Page referred to an author biography found within a the pages of a book, serving as a means for readers to delve deeper into learning about you, the author, and your literary works.

Set up your Author Page:

Amazon Author Page
author.amazon.com Readers browsing on Amazon will click on the name of authors on books they like to read. Readers can also “follow” authors to get publication updates.


https://books.google.com/ Google Books is a book marketing program where people who find your book will only be able to see a Snippet View similar to a card catalog that shows information about the book. Google Books sign up here

Goodreads Author Page
Goodreads When you register on the Goodreads platform, you can do it as an author or a reader. As a reader you can review and rate books. As an author you claim your profile, get verified, and have your page displayed with an official Goodreads Author badge.

Facebook Author Page

Social sites like facebook also allow you to create an author page . Here are some good examples of facebook author pages.


To set up your Google author page via PublishDrive, fill out a form with your bio and a list of your books.

There are also services that offer free Author Page websites to authors and those that provide Author Page checklists.

What's on an "AUTHOR Page"?  

Author Bio:

Provide a concise and engaging biography that highlights your background, accomplishments, writing style, and any relevant personal details. This gives readers a sense of who you are and why they should be interested in your work.


List your published works, including books, articles, short stories, and any other writing projects. Include cover images, titles, publication dates, and brief descriptions for each work. This helps readers discover your writing and choose what to explore next.

Upcoming Projects::

Offer a sneak peek into your upcoming projects. This generates excitement among your readers and keeps them eagerly anticipating your future releases.

Testimonials and Reviews::

Showcase positive reviews, endorsements, or testimonials from readers, fellow authors, or reputable sources. This adds credibility to your work and can persuade potential readers to explore your writing.


Additional Author Page items:

Author Photo: A professional image to connect with readers visually.

Contact Information: Clear ways for readers and collaborators to reach you.

Social Media Links: Links to your active social media profiles.

Keep the information up-to-date and ensure that the author page reflects your unique voice and style as an author.

Author Page FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Becoming a Guest on an Author-Oriented Podcast


1. What is the Author’s Page podcast?

The Author’s Page is an author-oriented podcast that focuses on hosting conversations with authors, discussing their books, writing processes, inspirations, and the publishing industry. These podcasts offer a platform for authors to share their insights, experiences, and connect with their audience.


2. Why should I consider being a guest the Author’s Page podcast?

Being a guest on an the Author's Page podcast can help you reach a wider audience, promote your books, and establish yourself as an authority in your genre. It provides a personal touch that written interviews or articles may not achieve, allowing listeners to connect with your voice and personality.


3. How can I become a guest on the Author’s Page podcast?

If you are researching podcasts that align with your non-fiction genre and writing style, you've come to the right place. Reach out to podcast hosts here on this website and book a pre-show call, expressing your interest in being a guest. Provide a brief overview of yourself, your work, and why you think you'd be a valuable guest. Personalize your pitches to show that you've done your homework.


4. What should I prepare before appearing on the Author’s Page podcast?

Before the podcast, familiarize yourself with the podcast's format and previous episodes. Prepare talking points about your books, writing journey, and any specific topics you'd like to discuss. Practice speaking clearly and concisely about your work. You might also want to have anecdotes or behind-the-scenes stories ready to make your episode engaging.


FAQ: Preparing and Sharing with the Author’s Page Podcast Host Before the Show


1. What should I share with the podcast host before

Share a brief bio, your photo, links to your books or author's page, and a summary of your recent work. Also, offer some potential discussion topics or questions that align with the podcast's theme. This helps the host prepare a more focused and engaging conversation.


2. How much information should I provide about my work?

Offer enough information to intrigue the host and listeners, but avoid spoilers. Share the genre, key themes, and a general overview of the plot. Mention any unique aspects, challenges you faced while writing, or interesting inspirations behind the work.


3. Can I provide promotional materials to the podcast host?

While it's okay to share promotional materials like book cover images, it's essential to focus on providing value to the podcast's audience. Share materials that enrich the conversation and help listeners understand your writing process, journey, and insights better.


4. How can I ensure a smooth podcast appearance?

Practice speaking about your work and experiences. Listen to a few episodes of the podcast to understand its tone and style. Be open to the host's questions and engage in a natural conversation. Remember, authenticity and enthusiasm can go a long way in creating an enjoyable and impactful podcast episode.


Remember that each podcast and host may have specific preferences, so adapt your approach accordingly. Engaging in podcasts can be an excellent way to connect with your audience and fellow authors while sharing your passion for writing.


FAQ: Author's Page and Its Importance


1. What is an author's page?

An author's page is a dedicated online platform where an author can showcase their work, share information about themselves, and connect with readers. It typically includes details about the author's background, bibliography, upcoming projects, and links to their published works. Links to important author page platforms on the top of this page "Set up your Author Page."

2. Why is an author's page important?

An author's page serves as a central hub for readers, publishers, and media to learn about the author and their literary contributions. It provides a professional online presence, establishes
credibility, and enhances discoverability. It also allows authors to engage directly with their audience, build a fan base, and promote their work effectively.


3. How can I create an author's page?

Creating an author's page can be done through various platforms such as personal websites, blogging platforms, or social media profiles. You can include a bio, high-quality author photos, book covers, excerpts, and links to purchase your books. It's important to maintain a
consistent design and update the page regularly to keep your audience informed.


4. What content should I include on my author's page?

Include a professional bio, details about your writing journey, a list of published works (with book covers and synopses), upcoming projects, contact information, links to your social media, and any media coverage or reviews of your work. You might also want to share insights into your writing process, inspirations, and perhaps a blog to engage readers
further. See list further up page, "What's on an "AUTHOR Page"?  "

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